+ / - Turquoise, Moonstone & Black Spinel Pearl Necklace
+ / - Turquoise, Moonstone & Black Spinel Pearl Necklace


Turquoise, Moonstone & Black Spinel Pearl Necklace

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22.5" turquoise; black spinel; moonstone; freshwater pearl; 925 sterling silver necklace

Meticulously sourced, wholeheartedly handcrafted, and energy cleansed in the heart of DTLA by multidisciplinary artist Julius Caesar.

Special collection exclusively made for the launch of SDH

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Multi-tone freshwater pearls, 925 sterling silver
SincerelyMADMAN, or who many know of as Julius Cvesar, has created an extension to his already extensive creative and artistic platform. Coming out of a 14 year hiatus, MADMAN returned back to his love as a painter and an artist. With this, a custom jewelry department was brought to life as well. Each piece is a custom one of one wearable art piece wholeheartedly handcrafted using meticulously sourced 925 sterling silver, pearls, and gemstones in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.