Something like a shop diary.

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3 new styles of BRAIN DEAD eyewear are in and they're all unique in curve and appeal. The Sugi (a new darling), Mutant (reflective, hardcore), and Kurata (animated, daring). Plus, a restock of the Tani with yellow lenses. 


If you pre-ordered RUTH NEUBAUER clogs and sandals from us at West Coast Craft, they should be getting to you very soon. 


Thank you Mama Earth! Today we have new "bejeweled" barrettes from THE PERFECT NOTHING CATALOG. If you've been following us, you know that the stones are all collected from Frank's travels—Bodega Bay to North Carolina, gravel driveways to Internet dealers. Find 'em here!


Happy 4/20 to those who celebrate! Taking some meditative breaths over here ourselves—still elated from our first pop-up at Fort Mason a couple weeks ago. After a month of prep, we made it out alive and met incredible people! Also want to intro some conversation pieces from Sibelley (who makes beautiful glass smoking vessels too) and welcome her to our artist lineup! 


We've partnered with LOS OBJECTS for a limited run of mezcalero ceramics cups—which you can use for all types of cute bevvys. They'll be available this Saturday 4/9.


So excited to welcome SESSANCE FRAGRANSI to our artist roster :) Marisa Takal is a painter who also creates exquisite bars of art for all to enjoy. They're lightly scented with essential oil, sometimes filled with flowers, and sometimes with little hands!


Introducing Sketch Series! For the first feature we highlight Arianna of zapah lab and share some of her work and vision for making scent and olfaction more accessible and inclusive. You'll find the complete story on our in addition to other visual inspiration. 


For the Bay Area folks, we'll be at West Coast Craft on April 9 for a one-day outdoor market at Fort Mason. We're looking forward to our first "pop up" experience and hope to showcase the next gen of experimental crafts and to meet new artists. Come thru, it's free!


We just got in super dope eyewear from BRAIN DEAD, also a new brand for us in the shop. We're looking forward to having them as part of our regular lineup, a creative collective leading with bold and playful graphics. 


New 1-of-1 accessories now live. A special hand-painted handbag from YUSHO KOBAYASHI, restock of THE PERFECT NOTHING CATALOG small knives (and one large one), plus cute socks.


Happy Year of the Tiger! We’re gifting a mini bag of tea from our friends FEATURE FLORA. Until 2/12 (or while supplies last) on every order!


New products and works in! A special matcha and tencha tea from FEATURE FLORA, tabi socks from COUSIN, and museum scented fragrances by ZAPAH LAB.


We are now stocking items from NO SCHOOL, an experimental arts-education program that's focused on group art making for kids. The products are typically inspired and created by the students from their classes or sessions.


Happy new year everyone... to more peace & play for all. 




We are opening up shop tomorrow! 


2020 reawakened us to our own creative desires and to reexamine "work". SDH centers around art and play. To us, this means being gentle with everything we create – especially with our own hands. This journey began at the beginning of 2021 (though probably a decade in our minds) and today we're weeks from sharing it with you.


Specialty teas are on their way from FEATURE FLORA. Preparing their delightful Kabusecha at home in anticipation. ;) 


Received THE PERFECT NOTHING CATALOG works in-person, in New York.


Manifesting pop-ups this fall. Galleries, libraries, bars... any like-minded concepts in the SF/Bay Area interested in hosting us for a day or weekend?


Hats from Toronto-based WEFT are here and offers a refined and loving approach to upcycled design. 


Jewelry explorations from our friend, artist CHRIS WATTS encourages the wearer to alter its form and be part of the making process. 


YUSHO KOBAYASHI makes us happy for colder weather with pastel knits and decked out hiking shoes. Our first overseas artist — from Japan.


Website build is complete! Thank you Esha and the Built by Blank team.


THE PERFECT NOTHING CATALOG is preparing a collection of beautifully unusual home pieces for us. Frank who runs it is also part of No School, an experimental arts education program. Frank is really cool.  


Just wrapped branding with our design partner and day one, Vasun Pachisia. The best way to show you our gratitude is to see this vision through and to share your and Aya's beautiful work with others. Thank you, a million.